08 May 2011

More Gamer Rants

It has been a while since I went off about gamers. Let me count the ways in which lamers who claim to be gamers are pissing me off.

  1. Them vs Us attitude. Not in GvG PvP or even GM versus players. Rather the attitude I have seen lately of the newer gamers are better than the experienced gamers and the oldtimers on a game are out to get them because they have skilz. AS IF!  New players frequently DO learn things or know something that the old farts on any game do not know because they became complacent in the way they played  and did not explore or check other ways.  But maybe the oldbies know some stuff  the newbies do not, too. Try talking to each other instead of writing off another player because they are newer or older int he game. 
  2. Actively seeking exploits and sharing them with other players so that the game becomes unplayable for those who try to stay within the spirit of the game. Here is an example: on one mud I play there are items that are flagged no store to keep players from hoarding them so that others cannot get them. (usually quest items) Boats could be stored, bags and other containers cannot be. So they would place items in a bag, place the bag in a boat and store the boat. When GM told them to stop this they commented  'I thought that is what boats were for in the game.' Interesting most people think boats are forms of transportation used on water, which is their purpose in the game too.  This of course led to boats being non storable, which is a pain for the rest of us who do not want to lug around a boat or pay for them each time we need one.
  3. The attitude that if money is paid into the game they can do whatever they want, even spoil everyone else's fun who also paid. Let me know how that works in real life for you guys, willya?  Next time you go to a hotel room which you pay for try this -  party all night with stereo up, Make sure you smoke in the room and wander out into the hallway screaming. Pour beer out of your window onto the cops below because you can and when the hotel staff change the lock on the door and you complain but you PAID for it so you should be able to do whatever you want let me know how that works for you. (Go to any anime, sf, or other fun convention for more ideas of how to get arrested in a hotel )
  4. If you can do it you should. Yep right go ahead that is why Guild Wars deleted 3700 accounts.  That is the odd thing, there are rules on any game and in life. Yes you can break them, but there are consequences. Somehow it has become the case that some people feel if they spend money on anything they are entitled to break the rules with NO consequences. Here are some examples of what it means.
  • Playing game lawyer or poor stupid underprivileged gamer who don't know no better  Let's be clear here, intent, topic, and content all matter.  This particular link is about offensive language. I have heard the same arguments in forums, other games and even . "I didn't know Damn was a bad word" "hey the NPCs say this bad word why can't I say this in a public place, channel, etc."  My advice to gamers who try this? Stop it all you are doing is making yourself look ignorant and annoying the GMs.
  • Doing something because it is not blocked programmatically but tattling and whining when someone does it back. Sometimes there are reasons something is not blocked by code, sometimes not. But if you trap a player with a spell used in a way it was not meant to be, or 'accidentally' pick up someone's eq using the shadow step exploits etc , do not complain when retaliation occurs either by players that were cheated or were taught how to do this by yourself or others through whome the information spread or by the GMs when they recode the spell, skill, object or whatever is being exploited. 
  • Breaking a rule because it is possible to do so then complaining  about the consequences. Yep sometimes there are ways to break a rule. SOMETIMES there are reasons it may go unpunished (see intent statement above) but if you break one and the GMs mete out punishment. Do not complain. Take the time to read the rules and the site user agreements. You implied consent when you went on to play. If you did not read them, that is your fault. 
  • Wanting special consideration for non special cases. Example - One player wanted to play more characters than permitted on a game. They found a way. They were temporarily site banned for doing so. When a husband and wife team known to the Game Owner for many years wanted to play together, the player complained because they had more than the limit on from the same site playing together. HEY LAMERS: MAYBE if you did not play with yourself so much you might have some FRIENDS you could play with too.
Now, the point of this is, the people mentioned above are not gamers.  they do not want to play the game for the challenge or even for fun.  They are the posers who just want to have all the equipment and titles and rewards without doing the work. Some are just scam artists who want to take your money and even your account so they can sell them.  Isn't that what got a lot of companies in trouble, overselling stock? City and State governments get nailed for ghost payrolling. In most of those cases people go to jail.  Yes, games are fun, most of the time people do not wind up in jail for breaking a rule. But I am tired of people giving real gamers a bad name.

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