17 May 2011

Game legends

Urban game legends

Can anyone verify any of stpries in above link? By verify I mean either point to a legitimate documented proof or have seen it with your own eyes and have screen shots that verify but do not look to have come off any of their 'proof?' I am curious The WoW stuff sounds like something out of a .hack anime.  The Mario stuff almost sounds like a slam together job using a background intended for another game.   Yes developers did used to put little games or easter eggs in apps because it is fun and because they were bored. But I have not heard of that particular one in Excel 95. So anyone?

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Krillatron said...

I personally disagree with the Luigi one. Other than the shadow, all the points they make can be explained in other ways, while the shadow itself is just a accidentally rendered, with the character being back lit and the floor accidentally not being taken into account, probably due to back-face culling.
Personally, the Super Mario Galaxy one intrigues me the most, and while I've found similar stories on other websites, they all use the same images used in that post, implying they read it there first. Past that, I've not been able to find out anything else online.