13 November 2010

Cracked Theories - possible spoilers for persona 3

Yes, it has been a while, yes I have been working on Persona 4 again. in the mean time, here are some of the cracked theories we came up with on Persona 3.

  • The protagonist is a persona of the 'creepy kid' who is behind it all. Ok this was a bit too close for comfort, but this came about because of the opening sequence ever notice how it looks like the protagonist is wearing a mask like a shadow? So what if the protagonist was a new type of shadow created or augments by the Corporation
  • Mitsuru is behind it all, yep she was sent along to form this team and watch over it to keep those able to stop the corporation from world domination in line. 
  • Nozomi Suemitsu is behind it, he is revealed to be a religious fanatic so perhaps he is actually behind all of this talk of the end of the world because of how sinful people are.
More next time but hope this whets your appetite for more cracked theories on games We have a BUNCH for persona 4!