25 July 2010

Paper Tiger Games - Smooth Site

This is just a quickie to let people know about Paper Tiger games.  I have been talking lately about casual games that are run on Face book.  Most of these games are simplistic. many are brain teasers or action flash ones, but the thing is most of them on Facebook cost money or are extremely limited.

Paper Tiger games is basically a kid's site chock full of casual games. All I found are free to play even to download.  When school is in session, the site can be busy, in the summer months there is peace and quiet.  The site boasts 316 games. I will be honest, I did not try them all.  I used only Opera and Firefox on the site. Guess what, not one was broken, not one over drove my fan or coprocessor, all were fast to load and all were free.

So if you are looking for checkers, connect 4, connect 2 (a sort of solitaire majong variation) reversi or even a fps, check out this site. It gets a thumbs up from me!


Jim said...

tried it out and there are some diverting flash games there

Julie said...

I'll have to check it out.