24 July 2010

Farmville The Cash Cow

Zynga has many other games as of this writing in this same format and using the same structure.  Alas I could not take any more excitement. So I jump straight to the game Zynga seems to put the most time and money into and that seems to be the most popular - Farmville. And why not at last estimate (April or thereabouts) Farmville had an estimated 80 million people playing it worldwide. Think about that is 9 New Yorks. THat is the entire population of the coutry of Germany. Needless to say  employers are up in arms about employees playing it on their time and people have claimed addiction much like the WarCrack games.

You are a farmer. You plow the field, plant the crop, harvest the crop. You add things to your farm, expand it, visit neighbors farms and partake in monthly collection contests.

Game status:
Beta (aren't they all?)

Game play
Yeah you guessed it : Clickety Click Click.  Recruit players. Spend real world money for in game decorations and perks.

Of all the games of this design this seems to be the smoothest running. Yes things still disappear from the gift boxes.  Yes it is still a HOG and graphics take forever to load sometimes so that your farm looks partly green and partly white space. Yes the moving of the toon from one place to another is INCREDIBLY slow and tedious, so much so that most players have trapped the spawn point. Yet people seem to like this game.

I am not certain WHAT the appeal is, perhaps the ability to  do virtually nothing except click, move up the ladder of your friends and watch the crops grow?

So now that I have taken all I can of the clickety click I can stand I would like to point out that Before Farmville there were other apps on Facebook that basically did the same thing.  So I put it you readers to explain, Why is Farmville more appealing than MyFarm or any other sim like game? Why is it now included on xfire? Something I once thought was a semi-reputable gaming site. Anyone? Is anyone reading or is it time to harvest your soybeans?


Callan S. said...

Sheer number of bums on seat makes it attract more people to become bums on seats. It's a geometric progression! People are attracted to games with alot of people in them, as if playing it will somehow be better if alot of other people were playing it.

And now for something fun, a farmville ad 'Tired of fun games!?'

Louis Lamp said...

As Callan S. said... the meek rule the earth; the herd says 'moo' and everybody plays Farmville, or Fishville, or AntHillVille.. oooh or AmityHillVille, or anything else to such an extent that I give it one more generation that under-educated children will conclude for themselves that any town whose name ends in 'ville' actually started out as a Facebook app, where players organized a Meetup in the wilderness and never left.

As for myself, I take pride in making games that at least require entering in a little bit more than death-by-clicky, to roll dice in games that take no skill... (at least for now).

Ben said...

For the most part, I have no idea what the appeal is of it I fooled around on it for a month or 2, never spent real cash etc. All I can do now is hide people posts about their games, and hope to hide the fit of rage when I see them

Jason said...

I used to play this game, it's awesome! I really enjoyed it. Zen is really making a lot of money from this game.

This game even has more players than all of warcraft. Probably more players than all the other mmorpgs combined.

Man its a money making machine is what it is.

Jim said...

played for a short time and got disgusted and deleted it. I avoid FB now because 90% of the comments I get are people asking for farmville things