29 June 2011

One Chance only

 Time to get your game face on and let CapCom know it is Game Over for the no replay feature on Resident Evil and planned for other titles. There is a save slot for 1 game only. No decision branching permitted. No letting your sister or brother play it. And most of all no replay in maniac Mode. So, for 40.00 you get one play through, no resell value, no collector's value and most of all no replay.

That is 3 months of WoW - 4 if you buy a year. That is the price of Guild Wars which lets you make a limited number of characters and repeat most missions. Of course you can always delete a character and make a new one. That is enough of a donation to a MUD to make most owners happy. These days it is what it takes to fill up my car. So given the choice of filling up my car and playing a game once, think I'll take the car.

Most of you know I have no issue with Game Over. When it is Game Over - what do you do? Go back and try it again. If you saved too late then you go to an earlier save point and start from there. On a perma-death mud or other MMO you start over or if they reset on a schedule - wait for reset.  No biggie - well except for the losing part. Capcom objects to games being replayable and resalable. They decided to do something about it. They have brought back the single save slot.  One save only ever for the life of the game.  It is not even like the old days of single save where you could overwrite your existing with a new start, 1 game 1 play through that is it.  Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for the Nintendo 3DS is one such game but there are rumors of more to come.

What to do you ask? I have heard much whining and ringing of hands in the lame gamer community, but a quiet movement has started. People are canceling pre-orders for Capcom games. They are refusing to purchase them and they finding other things to do. The problem is the movement is too quiet. Other publishers need to know what happens when they take away replay capability. You lose sales, you lose customers and most of all you start to lose gamers. If I can play it only once, then maybe I need to dust off the D&D books and play that with my friends, maybe I need to sell my DS and my console, or maybe just maybe WE need to let the publishers know that if they want to keep selling games, they need to stop being so worried about resale. After all consoles, etc change enough they can already count on sales from ports, re-releases and add ons So If you are a true GAMER (not one of the lame ones who give up at the first hurdle) Let CapCom know. Write them, email them, post on social networks and on forums. If you cancel and order POST it and let them know why. As for me, CapCom is now one of the DO NOT BUY products in the house.  If it has anything to do with Capcom, it will not pass the threshold. They will not get any money from me. If you feel the same way, let them know. In the mean time I Guess i will save any money I would have spent on Capcom games and maybe buy myself a few new components for a gaming rig.

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