04 February 2009

Gaming, writing and works of art

Nintendo has Sony in their sights. That is nothing new. Sony was the original Evil Empire of the console world. All Microsoft's entrance into the console market managed to do was topple a tettering Sega and force the industry to put more effort into handheld units. Nintendo is still the nemesis of the other gaming companies.

We finally gave in last year and bought a used PS2. Why? The reason is basic, it is the same that brough down Sega and unless things change may turn that net sales figure of 1 trillion 536 billion 3 hundred million yen into red ink. It is the games.

The Wii is a good console (yes we have one, it is different, but so far I like it.) the foray into the market of the casual gamer seems to be quite successful, but gamers are shrugging their shoulders and turning toward the buggy Xbox and PS3 consoles because as long as they are running, they have what gamers buy a console for. Games.

The Wii has the same issue the gamecube had. (i liked that console too btw) It needs games for gamers. It needs a Devil May Cry, a Halo, SOMETHING. And I do not mean a poorly ported game that is on another system (think Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance - great game sucks on the cube). Zelda is all well and good, we grew up with Zelda, it a great trip dowm memory lane, but I really want a game that I will not want to put down. One that will draw my daughter's attention (and get her off MY PC). One that will make people want to buy a Wii because it is the best console to play it on.

Ninetendo needs a work of art, not another Zelda or Sonic. As much as I love those games, they are not engrossing. Nintendo showed us they are risk takers that can succeed with the new Wii. Now more than ever with people being cautious about what they spend their money on, they need a must have game. Because before I drop between 40 and 60 dollars that could buy groceries or clothing on entertainment I want to know I will be entertained, not disappointed.

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